Collapsed Ovarian Cyst

29 02 2008

Yesterday morning I dropped off my 8 year old son to school and went grocery shopping. As I walked around Safeway I noticed that I was having stomach cramps and they seemed to be getting stronger as time went by (like contractions). I was thinking (what the heck is going on now). I finally got home, put away the groceries while I was still in pain and went upstairs and laid down on my bed. All of a sudden I jumped up to use the bathroom and right after I was done I fell to the floor and vomited. It looked exactly like blood to me, I was so scared that I was going to die and my kids would be without a mother. I called 911 while I was vomiting, it was so sad. They sent the fire department and ambulance out to help me and as I cried in the back of the ambulance I sang quietly to myself a hymn (Jesus loves me). I didn’t know what else to do. I arrived at the hospital and the staff put me into a wheelchair and I sat in that seat hunched over in pain for three more hours before anyone brought me to a room. I thought that because I arrived in an ambulance that would count for something? Heck no! To make a long story short they did a vaginal ultrasound and found a collapsed cyst on my left ovary. All they could do was give me a prescription for pain pills and tell me to schedule a follow up appointment with my doctor. I went to the follow up and the doctor said it’s normal for woman to get ovarian cysts and to just ride it out and reschedule an appointment if the pain continues or gets worse. I told her that I am tired of having to live out this story and I wanted to have a hysterectomy. She smiled at me and said “your only 33 years old, I don’t think that it is necessary to have that done”. I have my tubes tied and cannot have children ever again so why the hell not?

I had surgery years back to have an ovarian cyst removed (from the same ovary) and it’s not fun.



I went to another follow up appointment yesterday. There was a doctor in training and her nurse that spoke with me. I explained that I was having vaginal stabbing pains on the left side and that it has been so painful that I had to take pain pills to be able to sleep. She said that she thinks I have something wrong with my bladder as well as ovary problems and I will more then likely be referred to a urologist. Then she did a pelvic examination and the doc said she wanted me to make an appointment with the 3rd floor (gynecology) to see about the ovary pain I am still experiencing and that it should have went away by now. I started bleeding during the exam and it keeps getting heavier and I am not due for my monthly period for two more weeks! So I went upstairs to make the appointment and she said the earliest I could be seen would be the 28th of this month. Well, that’s great and all that they are so concerned about my health and want me to be seen as soon as possible (joke) but that is about two weeks away! I’m thinking to myself “lady, you must be smoking crack if you think I’m going to wait that long to be seen”. I had to explain to this lady (while in pain) that I was in the hospital about two weeks ago for this and that it wasn’t getting better. I asked” don’t you have anything sooner?” and then she said “I’ll put you on standby for all the doctors.” You have to love times like these! It’s what keeps us on our toes….yeah, right!

Symptoms and Causes of Ruptured Ovarian Cysts




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