Guns -n- Roses, Duff and Slash

25 11 2008

First of all I want to say how proud I am of Duff the ex drummer of GNR. slashI watched celebrity rehab religiously and saw him struggle to stay clean from heroin, marijuana and what ever else he was using. My husband told me today that Duff now is a drummer in his own band and that the episode of celebrity rehab that I saw was from last year and that indeed Duff has remained clean for over one year. I have to admit that when I saw him on Celebrity Rehab I did not recognize him at all. I am a huge 80’s girl and enjoyed GNR so much so understandably I was crushed to see a member in so much pain. His mom was a real “beezy” to him and pretty much stoled his millions according to him which is very sad. I just hope he stays on the right path forever. I heard today that Axl Rose has put out a new album called “Chinese Democracy”. It’s probably going to be good because he still has a great voice but I really wish that Guns-n-Roses ( all of the original members) would get along for atleast a year for selfish purposes. I know it’s wishful thinking but anything is possible?


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3 12 2008

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Worst Turkey Day – Plus Holiday Miracle

26 11 2008

It was about ten years ago when my two boys were 3 and 5. I worked so hard to pull off the perfect thanksgiving dinner ever. I wanted to impress all of my friends and family. The turkey was 19 lbs and was golden brown on the outside and you could see all of the juices seeping out of the meat except their was one problem. When I cleaned the turkey I thought it only had one cavity. One side of my turkey was black! Why me! I asked how could this happen. Well, my husbands best friend Mike asked ” did you take the giblets out of the rear”?  Well how was I supposed to know it had two holes. Well, needless to say I was horrified but Mike said ” It will still taste delicious”. I never ever let that happen again. Since that dreadful day I have made the most moist delicious and un-burnt turkey dinners ever 🙂


:)Today the most amazing thing happened to our family which just makes my faith in a higher power even stronger. We had a severely negative balance in our bank checking account which is typical for us. Luckily I purchased a Thanksgiving day Turkey last week. My husband never received his paycheck today which meant we would not have a very good Thanksgiving day at all. Well, we got a ” Miracle Check” for $800.00 from our home insurance company. Apparently we overpaid a while ago. Now our family gets to enjoy Thanksgiving. I am so thankful to the Lord for this huge gift he has given to us:)

Big Tobacco kills their customers

25 11 2008

smokeI know that nobody put the cigarette up to my mouth and held a gun to my head as they yelled in my ear ” Smoke it or die”, but I was 14 years old and hanging out in a crowd that peer pressured me to smoke. I felt out of place if I didn’t, those were the only friends I had who would except me for who I was as dysfunctional as I may have been. I was raised since the age of 11 in Tacoma Washington and we lived in a very poor area known as Hill-Top. My father was a Vietnam veteran who was unstable mentally and a mother from Thailand who I thought at the time was weak. I had no support with school work or anything else for that matter. I was forbidden to have a life outside of school and my family so as you can imagine smoking was a getaway drug for me.  I remember it giving me a feeling of acceptance and peace in my very chaotic life. Was I educated on the dangers of smoking? Hell no. I got smokes for free from “friends” and actually was able to purchase them at the age of 14 from a local corner store called  E-Z mart next to my best friends house. I just turned 34 and have three boys who are 17,16 and 9. I had a pre-cancerous tumor removed from my colon last year and it was terrifying. I have tried over 100 times to quit smoking with no success. I have 5 boxes of patches and will try again after thanksgiving so everyone pray for me please.

I guess the question I have is why after the Big Tobacco companies found out the dangers of smoking do they continue to kill the very people who made them billionaires? Do they have no regard for human life on earth? And for those of us who want to quit why are they not paying for our Chantix, Nicotine Gums and Patches since the product was made by them and not everyday hard working tax payers.

It goes to show ” The ones with the money have the power”, and at the end of the day all us smokers have is lost years with our loved ones due to cancer.

Dragon Ball Z – Boodaki-10-kiichie3

25 11 2008

I like playing this game because it has great graphics, it’s the funnest game in the galaxy you should buy it.  The people on the game look exactly like they did on tv. Dragon Ball Z Boodaki 10 Kiichie3  can only be bought for the Wii and you’ll most likely find it at Game-Stop or whatever other game store in your area. It really gives you a great arm workout as your virtually flying through the air defeating the bad guys like Broliy, Bojack and Majinbuu. Get it today you won’t regret it.

Isaac P.

Washington State

-age 9

Free but beautiful wedding

10 10 2008
After Party

After Party

Love doesn’t cost a thing and this proves it. My brother and his wife Laura had a fantastic wedding on the bridge where they met at the Tacoma Art Museum and unbelievably it didn’t cost them a dime! Take a look at some of the beautiful artwork by Dale Chahule.

i love you

i love youFamily at Last

Ty and Laura

Ty and Laura



Paul McCartney – Has to “Let it Be”

18 03 2008
Paul Mccartney
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Heather Mills was awarded approximately $50 Million dollars from her divorce settlement. I don’t think she deserved a single red cent but that is my opinion. Paul McCartney has worked for everything he has and this crazy woman comes and basically steals it from him. I don’t care if he beat her every single day of their marriage, there is no way in hell that she deserves his money. She told reporters “I am so, so happy. I’m so glad it’s over, it was an incredible result in the end to secure mine and my daughter’s future and that of all the charities that I obviously plan on helping and making a difference with – because you know it has been my life for 20 years. Obviously the court do not want a litigant in person to do well, it’s against everything that they ever wish, so when they write the judgment up they’re never going to make it look in favor. I am appealing against the publication of the judgment because it has so many private details about me and my daughter.” I can’t stand that lady and all the best to Paul and I hope he doesn’t make the same mistake twice. For now he will have to take his own advice and “Let it Be”.